Month: October 2013

Bar 595 > Bar _95

So a lot has happened since our last post. No we didn’t move to Mexico and start swimming with the Whale Sharks, we sold our $hit and moved back to the core. You recall that Post where we put an offer on that condo? Well, we sold Bar 595 to some fun loving people who promised to keep the bar intact and after an Estate Sale that pissed off some South Bluffs residents (matters – we moved, deal with it) and moved into the new joint. Yes RJ and Mallory are the new owners of Bar 595 and as long as we don’t promise to tell them where we or Mallory’s parents for that matter, did the ‘brown chicken, brown cow’ in the house we have an open invitation to any event at Bar 595.  After closing on the bar we had an estate sale and let me tell you, if you ever need a great company to conduct an estate sale I highly recommend Deb Wade as she was great and made us some good money for our Bea Arthur sex tapes in Beta max. Seriously she was great and made the whole “leaving our crap behind” a great experience.
Yes, the only thing that we moved from the old joint was the couch, the TV, the spare bedroom Queen Sized bed (that we promptly sold and got a new King sized bed), the Alice and Wonderland Chest of drawers, a bakers rack and the dogs. We kept our pots and pans but we left our everyday china and are happy to report that we are now enjoying our dinners on our Wedding china (after we had to take the stickers off of before eating our first meal) and way too much kitchen crap. After moving into the new joint we now realize that we still have way too many clothes but I can’t part with my Slayer concert T-shirt or the pants that I wore when I was in the 8th grade (the length is fine, the waist needs help) but there is always Salvation Army.
The Monkey Heads are getting used to only peeing in 1200 square feet and Maddy seems to enjoy not having 14 stairs to climb to go to bed but still hasn’t peed on the new Porch Potty. She has taken a new hatred for horse drawn carriages as I assume she believes they are just large dogs and not horses. Maya has taken to the new joint and even though she still hates people she loves walks and hiding under my legs when we see someone on the streets. I am also happy to report that Momma and I haven’t killed each other and even though we are still using plastic bins as bedside tables we have taken to the joint. We have been enjoying riding the trolley down to the South Main haunts but we are still searching for our home bar/joint like we found at the Monkey. In the meantime, we are still searching for the perfect dining room table and are awaiting some built in shelves and paint. Then we can hang the art, the Belizean Masks and some trinkets from the old bar. We expect to be open for business in a month so go ahead and book your trolley/flight/car service to come see us.
Now onto the pictures;
The view once you open the door, we are thinking the right side wall will be a good canvas to put some Masks, Doty Art and Bar 595 memorabilia.

The previous owners left this Murphy bed and bookshelf so there will be no need for a blow up bed for our guests (hint, hint – Lentini, Maria, English Mike, TQ and Yoga Peach)

The Alice in Wonderland Chest that we moved

Sadly the guest room isn’t a fully enclosed room as it is called a flex room so any guests of the new joint may need to bring some ear plugs. No not for that you dirty minded readers, it appears that the dogs snore pretty loud.
Here is where the action happens. To the left you notice the other side of the sliding doors that adjoins the Flex room. What you were expecting larger? We are 1 block from the Peabody Hotel and Talbot Heirs Guest House if that is a little too weird.
The Master Bath (and the only full bath in the joint)
Our New King Sized Bed and feel free to message me if you want to know where I got those killer Bed Side Tables that look like we are still in college.
The Second Bathroom which is a half so our guests (or me when the other bathroom is occupied) have a place to pee and not bother us at night.

The living room and the couch that we moved.

Here is where the Dining room table will be after we figure out where we can find it. Also notice the two plastic bins that contain the remaining bottles of booze from Bar 595.

The Kitchen and Office (pay attention to the fridge for the next picture)

Yep that is our killer laundry room next to the Kitchen
View from the Kitchen/Office into the Living room.

Ok, stop laughing but that is the dog’s Porch Potty that we picked up on Amazon. Maya loves it and to date has not peed once on any of the city’s streets, sidewalks or alleys. Maddy on the other hand, has whizzed all over main street!

The Backyard/Balcony area. We are still looking for some outdoor furniture but haven’t found what we want so we are using the folding chairs. Thankfully since the balcony is recessed so much it doesn’t get wet when it rains and isn’t a windy as you would expect.
Did we mention that we live above a fully functioning Bar and restaurant? Yep all we have to do is take the elevator to the bar. Let that sink in, we take an elevator to the bar.
View north from the Balcony to our local market and where we buy beer when we don’t want to get the car out.
Did we mention that we only have 2 drawers in the entire house? Yeah we didn’t see that one when we did our tour. To commemorate half of the drawer space I made one a junk drawer.

 We do however have a killer pantry that we use for kitchen equipment storage, diet coke pantry and store some food. Once we get the built in’s then we can make some room.
We will let you know when we are open for business but we are accepting reservations but bear in mind that Beale Street Music fest & BBQ Fest are blocked out for Maria and English Mike. TQ and Yoga Peach start looking at your calenders, same goes for the former CIL gials and the Dale Hollow Crew!