Pictures of the Week

Scenes from West 37th

So I have found the perfect time to enjoy a cigar. No sadly we are not allowed to smoke on our balconies as I don’t want to be a bad neighbor. The Cigar Inn is still on lock-down but thankfully is now open for Take-Away orders. I have been relegated to smoking on the street.

This perfect time is in the morning as the grocery deliveries are coming in to Brooklyn Fare and the traffic on the sidewalk is pretty much quiet. Sadly we don’t get to see any Walk-O-Shame’s but the owners of the dogs pretty much have adapted to the “I don’t give a F” and will wear whatever I want when walking their dogs.

This dude comes in every day raising hell because people park in front of his active driveway. I keep telling Viktor that I will keep it clear if he lets me store my shit in his warehouse.
The bright Murals are the supports for the overpass. There is also a NJT staging area for the Port Authority.
95 degrees today and we have a Midtown Uniform Wearer!
So when I see people walking on the sidewalk because I am not wearing a mask (kinda hard to smoke with a mask on) I give them the courtesy of going into the street to let them pass. Especially the older folks, you can see it in their eyes that they are cognizant that you are not wearing a mask.
I stand a lot over here between the parked cars and the street. So far nobody has accused me of casing cars.
Speaking of Cars, My man here spends like 30 minutes each day cleaning the rims and getting it ‘tight’ for his drive.
Mother Efffer where you going to hit golf balls?
Parking gets interesting when all the vendors show up at the same time.
Wonder why I have to stay 25 feet away from him? Note he is blocking the Driveway. Hope that Viktor doesn’t show up anytime soon.

Have a good weekend.

Return to Normal (ish) But in Pictures

So on a team call this week one of our teammates voiced concern about how safe it was in Manhattan and how were we to get work safely from say Penn Station. I was not here at the time but I heard that Times Square back in the day was something else with the prostitutes, drug dealers and rock/cup guys. I really didn’t know what this person was getting at then it dawned on me. This person must watch the news and of course there haven’t been any stories about how thing in New York have rebounded. Not that we are watching the news anyway but we can see on Instagram posts how things are going back to normal in NYC.

I assured this person that things are back to Normal (can we really say that now?) and that the boards are off the buildings. Now we only have to worry about are Murder Hornets, a Dust Cloud and oh yeah COVID-19.

Anyway here are some pictures I took this week and shared with the team.

Outdoor dining will be the thing this summer. I will have a Cacio y Pepe and a side of MTA Bus exhaust. Soon the whole city will resemble the San Gennaro festival
Somewhere in the LES – normally the boards remaining on the building mean that they are waiting for glass to be made to fix the broken ones. Or in this case this is some really cool street art.
39th and 8th. A great place to get a Big Salad. Don’t think they are going to make it. A lot of these non corporate restaurants are going to wither on the vine.
The New Norm. How in the F are we going to stay 6 feet apart when we are at full capacity?
Before COVID-19 I could smell the Urine from here. Maybe they did a little cleaning? I know, I am dreaming.
The Flagship Macy’s is back in business selling its wares. No Boards, No Razor Wire.
The FXO at 39th and 7th. It also got vandalized during the bad times but its back open.
Where are Admin’s work and some of the Ticket Selling Tourist Bus Managers keep desks.
First of all, how the Fuck did they get an A on their Health Inspection. Secondly this is a big buffet lunch place that I am imagining will not be returning with Buffet service.
Best Tongue Sandwich in the city.
Got an impromptu Firework Show on Tuesday Night.
So in Closing. Be Nice to each other, Wash Your Hands and Wear Your Fucking Mask! Looking Good Ladies as always

Have a good weekend.

Pictures of the Week and Happy Heavenly 99th Birthday Mama Luz!

Mixed emotions this week folks. My friend San Pedro Scoop spoke about the roller coaster of emotions. We felt them here this week too. We celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. We got to go into the city and see our new apartment. I spoke with a former colleague and caught up with him on what he is doing.

Ok, enough words folks. Here are the pictures of the week.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Mama Luz Maria Landrove Soto.
I never met her but she was the mother of one of my friends.
We lost her to COVID-19 in early May right before Mothers Day.
Today would have been her 99th birthday.
I read her obituary that her son sent me and she lived a great life, defected from Cuba at 46, raised her 3 sons and was a huge Yankees Fan.
I draw solace knowing that she is reunited with her husband and that they are dancing and laughing in heaven.
Like I have said many times since we spoke this week – I love you Amigo!
If you have seen my Instagram you have seen me post pictures of the Manhattan Bridge.
We were on it on Monday!
It’s freaking empty!
West Side Highway – I have never seen this! Even at 4AM there are more cars on this.
The Vessel that people take pictures of at Hudson Yards
Front of our new Building and we have a Grocery Store in our Building!
Our Baller View and our Balcony.
The yellow brick is the onramp to the Lincoln Tunnel.
Normally it is bumper to bumper and I am sure the noise is fierce.
We never saw a car on it while we were standing out there.
West 37th Street Looking to Midtown from our Roof Terrace that is OPEN!
Thanks to Viv and Stone for the recommendation on our new Taco Tuesday place.
Hey Tia Chocolate – I went to CrossFit!
And by “went” I mean I walked by it with my Margarita in hand from The Commissioner!
Does this mean my ass and legs will look as good as yours?
Shout out to Peg Leg Porker!

Have a good weekend. Be Safe, Be patient and wear your damn mask.

Now is the Time to Listen

So at the young age of 50 I have decided to go back to school. No, I am not going to follow in the footsteps of Geranium and get my MBA from NYU. I am going way back to the 7th grade. You see I found a really good teacher and he teaches me history every morning.

Some of you have been asking me why I am not posting this week and have even abandoned Cindy with the jokes. I don’t really have much material as we are a week away from our move and nobody wants to see boxes. We have postponed our trips to see Brendan at the Commissioner in an effort to stay safe and right now isn’t the time to be venturing out.

The reason I have stopped with FB is that the toxicity on this is over the top there. When exactly did a platform that we were originally playing Farmville/Mob Wars and poking people turn into the largest misinformation vehicle? Anyway I gave it up the other day and found that my mental health improved greatly. Tic Tock is where it is at now.

So let me tell you about my new History Teacher. 6’9″ IV teaches at one of the schools in Memphis. He must have been doing this thing where he would on his zoom calls give historical information about the current date and then go through the famous birthdays to end with his student’s birthdays. School ended last week in Memphis so since he is still quarantining at home with his wife and two boys he moved this daily practice over to Instagram.

I caught the first of June “Day in history” and what 6’9″ IV said touched me deeply. He spoke about what was going on in the world with Racial Injustice and he mentioned his most favorite quote from Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird”

That is some pretty power stuff right there folks. You don’t know until you are in that person’s shoes.

6’9″ IV then mentioned that right now is the time to stop & listen and put ourselves in other peoples shoes. We are all quick to give our opinion but we should stop, listen and educate ourselves. I don’t have the answers nor do I think that anyone has, but I am willing to listen. I am willing to try to comprehend what someone else is going through and together try to figure out how to make it better.

Not going to lie one bit – There are some deep scars forming here in New York but we can start the healing while things are still smoldering. The first thing starts with using those two ears more than that one mouth and being kind to someone else.

So now each day when 6’9″ IV posts a new Day in History/Birthday’s he is also going to post resources that you can read, watch or listen to learn more. This is to help people understand the experiences that African Americans and this country. That is what I am going to start doing. Till then you will see me on Instagram.

LJZ and Tay-Tay told me that they were going to file charges with ASPCA. I got her an appointment to get her nails done (getting really long) and “Not Yolanda” had a cancelation so she got prettied. The before/after is hilarious!
She hated Geranium’s Spa Treatments!
This was probably the longest her hair was. God I miss that White Dog

So that’s it folks.

And thank you to Will for allowing me to post what you are doing. Sorry to put you on the spot but you are a fantastic teacher. Those current and past students are so lucky to have you. And by the way I hated History with a passion!

To my dozen readers of this dribble – If you would like to know 6’9″ IV’s Instagram address message me and I can give it to you. It’s some good stuff.

Where is Maya? We Want More Pictures of Maya!

We don’t really care too much about you or Geranium. Hell the damn fluff ball is even amazing me with her cuteness.

You guys got fired didn’t you? You never leave this place.
I am helping on the Call with the EU. I am French afterall!
Well this is new.
Otter’s Shirt!
Don’t Play with me Hooman!
Let me give you a little attitude
Nap Time is the best time
I am getting Fluffy
When are you going to take me to Midtown West

Happy Birthday LJZ!

Pictures of the Week 2.0 – Yes I am kind of an overachiever

What can I say, I have extra material here folks. That and I can’t leave you with an inch long ear hair going into the weekend. That is just rude. And yes by my featured picture we have broken out the fancy toilet paper. I mean I will judge the Fuck out of you if you prefer one ply.

I didn’t post a pic of Maya in the other Pic Of The Week Post.
Some of you aren’t on FB – This is the kind of stuff that I wear on Friday’s with Otterlum.
Don’t hate the player, hate the game.
Let this be a lesson – When you get a House Party call from the Asian Fireman it probably is his daughter.

Best was I hear him walk by and ask his daughter “Is that Robo?” and he walks off like nothing. So funny and FYI – Fee is tough on those games.
If you want to be added to this list of ridiculous text messages let me know.
Are you listening to me LJZ?
And Happy Birthday to this little stinker! I can’t wait to hug and kiss on her for hours!

Ok, now everyone have a good weekend!

Pictures of The Week – Happy BSMF & Week 2 of Jazzfest – Not!

Between Smoking a cigar, a Fresh Direct Order, Our Soda Stream arrived and a trip to Duane Reade it was a big week. Here are some pictures that are still in my cache so I will share with you them.

We have an occasional Sophie’s Lunch call in the afternoon to smile and laugh. Lower right is now included because I was told to “Lose my number” Hey former Work Wife (The Domestic One) – can we claim her?
This is across the street at Flatbush – I would kill to have a balcony. Next Place we are getting one!
One of these days we are going to get oysters!
Pandemic Life Hack – Order a Strawberry Margarita and a Pina Colada and mix them together for a Miami Vice!
You are welcome!
Sideburns are fresh as a daisy!
Cheers to Sunday!
There are no rules anymore!
Plucked this one out of my ear the other day.
We have a potential world record winner here folks!

Hope I made you smile or laugh. And no Notorious M’effing G – we aren’t replacing Tarheel Scarlet O’Hara for you.

Mid Day Pictures of the Week

So if I post twice on a Friday will you stay the Fuck home this weekend?

I will get ugly Text Messages from LJZ if I don’t roll out with a pic of Maya
Bitch we all know are hoarding TP and selling it on the Black Market.
The Love romance of George and Maya continues
We bought a Vibrator.
No seriously I have been wanting one of these and the price dropped in half.
This M’effer expects a meal or morsel at all times.
Thanks to all those who wished the Lady Killer a HBD this week!
Tough being Maya
Fooking CrossFit on the rooftop and bonus that I got a FedEx Truck on the street.
Notice a pattern LJZ?
You know those Football teams who would hit the sign as they are walking out the door?
Notre Dame had “Play like a champion Today”
We have 3 on our grease board as we go from the kitchen to the bathroom
Stay Positive
Stay Healthy
Laugh/Smile at least once an hour
What is on yours?
I can order these but I can’t have Tito’s that night.
Pairs well with This item.

Stay Home and Stay safe!

Pictures of the Week – It is a good thing I love you

Reader Number 12 chirped in to me yesterday informing me that there are not enough pictures of Monkey Head Maya on this Worthless Dribble. She and I were complaining about our co-workers because hers is getting mouthy about the meals they are eating over there in Times Square/Theater District. I was commiserating with her because my co-worker drank the last of the coffee today and the bitch didn’t make a fresh pot. I may have to call HR on her. I defiantly am going to sexually harass her this weekend.

Anyway here you go LJZ – #RoboCares

You can bet your ass I am not walking her in this get up
She Likes Break Time
Loving my Monkey that we found last weekend under the bed
Ole George The Cat
Tormenting San Pedro Scoop in the middle of a Pandemic
One of my Peers had a baby boy (well his wife did all the heavy lifting) the other day. Wait till he gets the envelope where Tio Robo & Tia Geranium sent him an Elvis Onesie.
The Recycling Folks are loving this!
I played along with my dinner buddy Katie Mac with First & Current Car
Yo Fat Kids – we Broke Down and ordered Chick-Fil-A. Put the count back to Zero

Z(squared) we may send Maya over there for a weekend so you can get your dog fill.

Shelter this in Place!

So here is the deal. We owe it to our fellow man/woman to sit our asses in our houses for as long as it takes to ‘flatten the curve’ Fucking Period! Bars are still open? What in the actual Fuck? I spoke with my brother in law last night and he said there are over 5K cases of COVID-19 up here in New York (remember we don’t watch the news). Stay the Fuck Home Folks! I am serious, take care of yourself.

Laugh, stay off the news but stay home! I was speaking to Tay-Tay this evening via Facetime. She is a fellow Tour Bus ticket seller and we were comparing notes on selling tickets to NOBODY! Gang this is serious stuff and if you think it will ‘just go away’ then you are as dumb as folks in government. Anyway it was so good to see her face.

Speaking of face – Ladies and Gentlemen if you can’t recall the last time you took a shower or shaved then you need to put your nasty ass in the shower RIGHT NOW! I think is safe to say that Geranium, Lady Barrister or Bobcat haven’t put on a bra in 5 days. Ladies am I wrong?

Here are pics from Friday. Again, stay the F home!

Willie Nelson and his boys! I am so glad I was told about this concert.
And a little Neil Young too!
Paul Simon, Edie and Woody! Not sure who that kid is on the left.
Casual Friday!
“Who is that in the background?”
“That is my wife, she is also working from home.”
“But I don’t understand…”
This person was speaking to me from their 5K square foot home.
Bitch – I live in 500 square feet! My house is smaller than your garage!
Social Fucking Distance yourself! This is the line to the package room.
Love a good Happy hour with the boys!

Quit Texting people. Drop a dime and call them.