When Doves Cry

(Disclaimer if you are squeamish then you may not want to read this one and if you are a fan of P.E.T.A. then I suggest you order the Veal at Spindini!)
So we have a little bit of a Dove/Pigeon problem in South Bluffs as it started last winter and it would appear that a huge flock of these “rats with wings” have decided to move into the 38103 zip code this year. We think that during the day these birds fly over to President’s island (industrial park) as there is a grain elevator and they feed then they come home in the afternoon and they perch in the trees and poop all over the damn place. They love to roost up in the two trees by our house and thanks to them pooping we now have speed bumps on the sidewalk!
With the addition of the Doves and Pigeons we now have a couple of Peregrine hawks that have come to the hood and hunt as well as a couple of outside cats that call South Bluffs home. Now don’t get me wrong, I love stilton cheese stuffed dove breast wrapped in bacon and grilled with polenta but if you have ever walked your dog and have one of these hawks kill a dove and the body flies from the sky and almost hits you it will startle the shit out of you! I mean you start to think that you are under attack as these things are falling from the sky! It is funny however to watch the birds scatter when they are being chased by the hawk as they will fly between the houses and you think you are watching a video game but now let’s fast forward to this past Tuesday morning. As I was preparing for work that morning I could hear the birds rustling outside and then a loud “Thunk” and didn’t think anything about it.
Here are a couple on our roof
Bird on a wire
More on the townhomes
One of the trees in front of Casa de Trumpet (pay no attention to the dead ferns hanging on the porch, I have asked Ms Trumpet to throw them away but she keeps forgetting!)
Ah the bird poop!
Now one of the last things that I do before I leave the house is open all the blinds and turn on the stereo for the dogs, as I am twisting the little ‘thingamagig’ that opens the blinds I then see quite a sight as I realize what that loud “THUNK” was as I was getting ready. Ok now for those of you who did not read the disclaimer, I warned you.

Bar 595 -1 Doves – 0!

Remember the outdoor cats I was talking about earlier? They took care of me having to dispose of the carcass as it was removed by the afternoon!I guess that is where Breakfast was served

Tune in tomorrow when I call a couple of my father’s duck hunters and tell them that South Bluffs has a couple of ‘baited fields’!




  1. I also witnessed (two timw and both times in South Bluffs) a hawk come from out of nowhere, hone in a pidgeon and “POW” it’s like a feather explosion. Very dramatic.


  2. I also witnessed (two timw and both times in South Bluffs) a hawk come from out of nowhere, hone in a pidgeon and “POW” it’s like a feather explosion. Very dramatic.


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