Veterans Day in NYC

Back on 9/11 after the ‘evening service’ a bunch of us were slung up at a local drinking establishment having many beers. The crowd was predominantly NYFD members, friends and guests. Off in the corner there was a young gentlemen who was dressed in his Marines dress uniform. I was fetching some beers for Mrs Trumpet and A.S. I told the bartender that I would like to purchase the soldier a beer. The bartender smirked and said for me not to worry about it because “he has enough beers on credit from everyone else in the bar that he won’t need it”. I briefly spoke with the soldier and thanked him and he informed me he was heading back in a couple weeks and he appreciated the gesture.

I am glad to know that here in NYC (much like San Pedro) parades and celebrations are big here. They have a rather large parade down 5th avenue today and I am hoping that I can catch some of it since I am in training. As I was walking to work yesterday I walked by one of our favorite Sunday Brunch joints in the UES and they were decked out for today.

Thank you to all the veterans for your service, for your sacrifice, for your family’s support as I appreciate it deeply. Thank you.

  Got the flags all over the joint

  Isn’t that the jeep that Radar sent to Iowa piece by piece?

  Pretty cool if you ask me. I can picture Patton standing in the back saying he was heading to “Berlin, to shoot that Paper Hanging Son of a Bitch!”

  Have a good one and do something nice for someone today.

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