Pics of the Week – a poor showing if you ask me

As you can tell, the weeks after the New Year are meant to be indoors and putting on that winter weight. Unless you wanted to see what we watched on TV this week there isn’t much to report. Not to worry, this weekend a Southern Belle is coming to town along with her Midwest friend and a New Orleans woman so I am sure there will be some pics to share  with the class next week.

IMG_0122I had chores to do before I could go see the boys at the Cigar Inn

IMG_0127We made another purchase from IKEA and now have storage in our 535 square foot studio

IMG_0144I was craving some Low Country food so Momma made me Shrimp & Grits.  Try to explain to a Yankee what the F grits are? Yep that is what I tried to do the next day.

IMG_0114Ford and E went down to Belize and all I got was this Effin Picture! That does it, you have pissed me off! *picks up foam* “Hello Travelocity, what you got in airfare in late March???”

Yep, we got tempted by our friends who live near Indy who are going to 17.9214° N, 87.9611° W and it got us thinking and surfing the web. We are making a long layover in San Salvador but the total sum of the cost of the tickets is cheaper than one Christmas flight to Memphis so look out Scoop, Taco, Badass Auntie and many others. The Trumpets are returning!


Enough Said! See you during Holy Week San Pedro!




  1. Oh, Johnny Boy! Lounging in SP now -completely different and entirely the same. Truly there is no place like it on this planet. ‘Bout time you two made it back. It’s never too early to start countin sleeps!


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